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•  Milk washed Hennessy VS
• Amaretto Adriatico 
•  Islay Whisky
•  Hautes-Vosges fir Honey 
•   Milk emulsion, infused  with propolis
•  Fleur de sel 
•  Honeycomb & Propolis 

Using milk isn’t really popular in cocktail, certainly because it creates curds, when added to acidity. 


But this is exactly this physical reaction used for "milk-washed" preparation in mixology. Indeed, the curds clarify the cocktail and give a crystal clear liquid. 

The resulting drink is unctuous and silky, clear and subtly milky, with softer and mellow flavors. 


To do so, I mixed Hennessy VS, amaretto (to enhance toasted almonds flavors) and lime juice, and pour it in fat milk.

Then, i filtered it twice to obtain a crystal clear liquid. 


Milk proteins soften the  harshness of the alcool and the acidity. Further more, it also mitigates the sugar of the amaretto, letting the elixir of cognac express itself. 

            For  this  cocktail  ,  honey

selection is very important


I choose to pair the Hennessy VS with a fir honey, that has a slight taste of resin, mastic ... and also more liquid texture, easier to mix with other ingredients.


Islay Whisky and fine sea salt  bring to the cocktail an iodine flavour, and amplify the honey, as flavor enhancer. 


Then, the propolis, the black resin made by the bees,  slighty acid and woody , finishes the cocktail, in the milk emulsion, and lightly  grated on top, to appreciate its scent, while you bring the cocktail to your lips.

to try new taste and texture, and to remind the use of milk-wash process.

Infused with propolis, it’s like a pre-cocktail, like a gentle and sweet caress that prepares the palate for theflavors that will follow. 

To top up the cocktail, I used milk emulsion, rather than egg white or other emulsifying agent, in order

On this very occasion, i wanted to pay tribute to the man that brought back to life classics cocktails and speakeasy bars in a 1920’ way, opening Milk & Honey in 1999 in New York : Sasha Petraske.  


Pioneering bar for the modern craft cocktail revival, Sasha Petraske took very seriously the making of classic cocktails, with really precise gesture, use of tools and measurment of ingredients. 

Cognac was one of the emblematic spirits of this speakeasy era in the US, linked with the african-american culture, in the early days of jazz and blues.


The house Hennessy, most  sold cognac in this part of the globe, carried out an advertising campain targeting  african-american people.


«Hennessy, the civilized way  to ...»

1983 advertising campaign 

International rating



500 contestants 

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