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Unexpected ingredients to match the new range of Schweppes Premium Mixer ! 

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Following a food-pairing combination ''celery-pear'' and ''celery -ginger'', I created this cocktails

''Perfect Match''

food-pairing theme     

using Schweppes Ginger Ale     


   fresh sliced celery

   2cl Pear Syrup 

   5cl Gin (fresh and herbal) 

   Schweppes Ginger Ale 

Put the sliced celery in a long drink

Crush  with the pear syrup

Pour the Gin in , stir with the bar spoon

Fill with crushed ice

 Top up with Schweppes Ginger Ale 



   Dehydrated pear chips  


   8cl Fresh beetroot juice 

   2cl Bitter beetroot & star anise reduction 

   3cl Shrub of beetroot (pickled beetroot water) 

   Schweppes Tonic Hibiscus 

Rolling/ Cuban Roll technique : 

Assemble all ingredients in the small tin 

Add some ice cubes and place the strainer

Pour carefully the liquid in the other tin,

in a large diameter-lipped rim,

increasing the distance


Repeat several times, til the liquid is cooled

Pour in a glass and top up with

Schweppes Ginger Ale 


   Star Anise 

   Pickeled Beetroot 

From a single ingredient, realizing three differents preparations, and mix it to create a balanced cocktails. 

''Nothing but

  the Beet ''

     one ingredients & cocktail theme

     using Schweppes Hibiscus


   Powdered dehydrated zits of Pomelo

   Fresh strawberries   

   2cl Pomelo syrup 

   5cl Dark Jamaïcan Rhum 

   Schweppes Tonic Pink Pepper

Crush  the strawberries in the shaker tin,  

with the pomelo syrup,

Add the Rhum 

Shake hardly for 10-15secs

Pour in a glass full of crushed ice 

Top up with Schweppes Tonic Pink Pepper 


Zeste of pomelo 

Capucine flower

 Frost the glass :

Rub the edge of the glass with a lime

piece and sprinkle with pomelo

 zest powder 

''No Pampleloose''

      No Waste theme     

      using Schweppes Tonic Pink Pepper     

The zist of agrumes is never used because of its strong sourness and bitterness. Here, its cons become the star of the cocktail, enhancing the degustation, with a punch of acidity balanced with the sweetness of dark rhum and stawberry. 


   1cl Sugar syrup   

   2cl Chickpea soaking water

   2cl Chambord Liquor 

   2cl Lime juice 

   5cl Whiskey (Bourbon) 

   Top Up Schweppes Tonic Classic

Hard  & Dry Shake Technique   

Put all ingredients in the tin 

Fill up with ice cubes 

Hardly shake for 10-15 secs (hard shake) 

Strain from big to the small tin, get rid of the ice cubes 

Shake again for 10 secs (dry shake)

Pour in the glass and top up with Schweppes

Tonic Classic



''Vegan Sour''

vegan theme -


using Schweppes Tonic Classic

Substitute egg whites in Sour cocktail by chickpea soaking water . 

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