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We worked with Belafonte, a design product agency, which provides us the place and their designed dishes.

The chef Alexandre Poisson guided us in conception and realization of the diner. 

This diner was created from poetic phrases called greguerias, 

combining humor and methaphor . 

Each of the seven dishes represents our understanding of the greguerias.  


Ramon Gomez de la Serna, spanish poet, wrote the Greguerias and gathered them in one illustrated book. 


''Les sardines sont les


cuillères d'argent

de la mer''

"The sardines are the little silver spoons of the sea."

Sardines, fish stock &

glasswort butter

Eno & Guillaume

''Le poulet est rôti lorsqu'il a pris une couleur de violon''

''La poule est la seule cuisinière capable avec un peu de maïs sans oeuf, de faire un oeuf sans maïs. '' 

"The chick is roasted when it gets the violin tint ."

Chicken supreme and zucchini

Max & Victor

"The chick is the only cook able to make from an eggless corn, a cornless egg."

Popcorn sorbet, smoked corn cream insert & corn caramel 

Zoe & Me

"To talk about cosmos is in some kind of way, talking about a great mess ."

Cucumber in pickles, jelly and juice)

Camille & Patrik 

''Parler du cosmos, c'est en quelque sorte parler d'un grand bazar.''

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